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Welcome to Greystones Health! We are so happy you stopped by to check out our website. How can we help you? As a team, we will guide you on the path of health and well-being by implementing a unique long term plan for our patients. Book an appointment with us to discuss your health concerns today! We would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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Greystones Health is a Toronto based natural healthcare team offering naturopathic medicine, nutrition counselling, and so much more. We empower our patients and help them explore natural healthcare options and treatments that best meet their health needs. We offer a variety of services at our clinic location, as well as for the workplace. Greystones Health offers comprehensive
corporate health packages to help busy, on-the-go people stay healthy in the workplace. Contact us to learn how Greystones Health can help you find your path to health and wellbeing today.

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Direct Insurance Billing

For our patients’ convenience, we offer direct billing to
the following insurance companies – we take care of the
paper work so you don’t have to.

Client Referral Appreciation

Did you feel healthy, happy and energized after one of your sessions with us? If you’re keen to share your positive experience with friends or know someone who would benefit from our healthcare programs, we hope you’ll spread the word about Greystones Health. We know how powerful a top-notch reference can be. As a thank you for sending new clients our way, we’re pleased to offer discounts on future sessions:

Refer one friend and receive a 25% discount off a 30 minute follow up session
Refer two friends and receive 50% discount off a 30 minute follow up session
Refer three friends and receive a Free 30 minute follow up session