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Michelle Heighington is a registered nutritionist with ten years of specialized experience helping clients take a holistic approach to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

A graduate of the Canadian School for Natural Nutrition and the University of Toronto’s medical anthropology specialist program, Michelle has counselled clients with a wide variety of medical conditions such as diabetes, food allergies, women’s health issues, endometriosis, digestive tract disorders, and HIV/AIDS. She has also worked with many people to overcome health issues related to chronic stress.

Michelle regularly gives workshops at law firms, corporate offices and other organizations about developing healthy habits in the workplace. Passionate about spreading the word about good health, she’s written as a guest columnist for theParalegal Management Magazine and a guest blogger for Organic Food Delivery, The Endometriosis Network Canada, the Women’s Law Association of Ontario, and is a regular contributor to Attorney With a Life.

She is also passionate about how views of health and nutrition differ across cultures. Her studies in medical anthropology took her to a hospital in northern Namibia, where she studied the geopolitical obstacles local residents faced when accessing nutritious food. During her internship, she had the chance to study how access to food impacted HIV transmission and patient outcomes.

Michelle develops nutrition plans that consider the needs of the whole person. She sits down with you to find out what health and nutrition means to you, and how she can best help you feel better, lose weight and get healthy.

Michelle’s Philosophy

I believe in taking baby steps with my clients. Too many big changes all at once can seem daunting or even impossible. When my clients feel the joy of achieving a small success, they feel empowered and ready to move on to the next goal. Sometimes the smallest change can make the biggest difference.

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