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Holiday Eating Tips

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It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season!  As we walk along the streets and browse inside crowded malls, we’re bombarded with tempting treats like flavoured holiday beverages at coffee shops, and packaged treats and goodies. No matter what you celebrate this holiday season, the temptation to indulge is all around. But don’t … Continue reading Holiday Eating Tips

How to Beat Bloating

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Bloating  – there is nothing worse than indulging in your favorite meal, only to be left with the uncomfortable pain of carrying around a “food baby” for the rest of the day. Unfortunately bloating is a common occurrence for a lot of people and can end up lasting for days. So you’re probably wondering, what … Continue reading How to Beat Bloating

Relief for Acid Reflux

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Acid reflux (aka heartburn or GERD) can be very uncomfortable, and when the symptoms are at their peak, it can affect a person’s quality of life.  We have heard stories from patients who suffer with acid reflux where they’re up all night because as soon as they lie down, they feel like they’re going to … Continue reading Relief for Acid Reflux

Leaky Gut- What is it and How to Deal with It

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One of the latest buzz words in the health community is leaky gut. When you first hear the term “leaky gut” your mind is likely flooded by images of a dripping faucet and a whole lot of mess to clean up. But what exactly is leaky gut? Well similar to your skin, your stomach lining … Continue reading Leaky Gut- What is it and How to Deal with It