How does Greystones Health help?
We have worked in, and lived the corporate lifestyle.   With over 15 years of experience working in a corporate environment there is little we haven't seen.  We offer experience and knowledge by combining our nutritionist’s years of corporate lifestyle experience with Dr. Steyr’s focus in biochemistry to create realistic and practical treatment plans that provide lasting relief by addressing the root cause of the health concern.  We also understand how hard it can be to find time during the work day, which is why we offer evening and Saturday appointments.

Lunch and Learn Talks
Getting healthy is fun — especially when you’ve got the support of a big group. Book a lunch and learn talk for your office, organization, or company and learn how nutrition and naturopathic medicine can help you stay healthy, feel better and manage stress. 

Why is it important to be healthy in the workplace?
Stress and illness in the workplace are as harmful to our bodies as they are to the economy:

  • Absentee rates for Canadians workers are higher than they’ve ever been, averaging at 6.8 lost days per worker per year according to the most recent statistics 
  • Depression and the work days employees miss as a result cost the U.S. $23 billion annually 
  • Workplace-based disease prevention and health promotion will save businesses money: A U.S. based study found medical costs fall $3.37 for every dollar spent on wellness programs and
  • absentee day costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent 



In Michelle's corporate experiences she met many people who said they had health issues but that they just didn’t have time to take care of them.  Battling her own health issues while working full time, she realized how daunting a dietary and lifestyle plan could be while balancing work.  So she partnered with naturopathic doctor, Dr. Joseph Steyr, and applied her knowledge of corporate environments, to help come up with health plans that help provide relief for busy people, without impacting their busy schedules.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Steyr has many natural health based tools to help people.  However, after years of experience working with people from the corporate world, he found that mental health, weight loss, stress, and many other health issues need to be assessed from a biochemistry point of view.  For example, the stress hormone cortisol can be linked to mental health, and thyroid concerns.  Based off of his experience, by first assessing the individual's biochemistry (usually with a lab test) and determining the root cause of the health concern, he can help his patients achieve lasting results.

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What Our Programs Do For You

Our tailored programs offer physical exams, nutritional assessments and stress management seminars for the office. We also offer customized meal plans, and an online supplement dispensary for people too busy at the office to make it to the store. We offer further treatment like acupuncture and Bowen therapy. We coach you on how to identify which vitamins and minerals are best for stress management, busy lives and overall good health.

Our Programs:

Boost employee productivity

Improve morale

Never take valuable hours out of your day — we come to your office

Reduce health costs and workplace insurance deductibles

Cut down on sick days

Leave workers feeling happy, satisfied and acknowledged

Provide better coping skills for stress

Build a sense of office camaraderie focused on health and wellness

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