Traditional Chinese dry cupping is a method that helps promote many health conditions, primarily by boosting the immune system, increasing blood and lymphatic flow. Similar to acupuncture the cups can be place along Traditional Chinese meridians to stimulate the body to heal. However, most of the time dry cupping is used for muscle tension. The cupping works by creating a vacuum suction that draws up the muscle, and like a very deep massage, the muscle tension is released from the pressure of the suction.

Dry cupping has the added benefit of drawing a large amount of blood to the area, which helps keep the muscle healthy and not in spasm or pain. It's because this method brings blood to the cupping area that it gives the skin bruise-like marks that have become famous with cupping. However, for most people the bruising only lasts a day or two and is often on parts of the back that can't be seen when wearing a shirt. Using a modern version of cupping that includes massage oil, the cups can be moved around so it won't leave these marks and will still have the deep tissue release. Plus this modern type of cupping gives deeper relaxation as the moving of the cups is calming and stimulates a positive mood by circulating blood throughout the body. Cupping is one of the most effective ways to give lasting relief from muscle tension, back pain, and shoulder pain.

For more than 4,000 years, cupping therapy has been used to help relax muscles. We offer this treatment to clients in Toronto, ON, who are looking for an alternative yet effective method to relieve muscle stress and tension. Even though cupping therapy for muscle tension relief became trendy after the 2016 Olympics, it is by no means a new treatment. We now offer this treatment to patients who schedule an appointment.

Types of Cupping Treatments We Offer

Chinese cupping therapy is done with either dry or wet cups. With both methods, our practitioners will put a flammable substance into the cup, such as paper, herbs or alcohol and light it on fire. When the fire is extinguished, the cup is placed on your skin, upside down.

As the air in the cup cools, it creates the vacuum that causes the skin to rise and get redder as the blood vessels expand. Our cupping treatment typically lasts about three minutes per cup.

Relief You Can Feel

Regardless of whether you want traditional Chinese dry cupping services or prefer wet cupping treatment, we can provide you with the services that will relieve pain and discomfort. In addition to providing relief for muscle soreness, we also offer cupping therapy for shoulder pain and cupping therapy for back pain.

If you are in Toronto, ON, and want to find relief from muscle aches and pains, contact us today to schedule your cupping treatment.

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