The nutrition consultation package consists of:

Nutrition advice tailored to your unique health needs and concerns
An optional customized meal plan** that’s easy to execute around your work schedule and reflects your food likes and dislikes
Easy-to-make meals and snack solutions for people on the go and parents on the move
A vitamin and minerals regime that will support your health

Customized Nutrition Planning Based on You

Getting the right nutrition can be challenging. In fact, trying to eat what you consider to be the right foods may make you want to skip healthy eating altogether. However, the fact is eating healthy, nutritious foods can be fun and tasty. The key is to work with our certified nutrition consultant in Toronto, ON, to create a customized meal plan just for you. This includes your preferences and your unique nutritional needs.

Customized Nutrition for You

When you contact us at Greystone Health, our first effort will be to provide you with nutrition consultations. During this meeting at our Toronto, ON, based office, we will discuss your current diet, your health concerns and any goals you may have related to health and nutrition. This will help our team of nutritional consultants create a customized eating and wellness plan that will help you with whatever struggles you are facing.

Solutions for Real Life

Unlike some of the other trendy or fad diets and eating plans out there, the plans created by our certified nutrition consultant are designed for real life and real eating. We can teach you how to make better choices and how to implement cleaner foods into your diet. Working together, you will find you can be healthier and feel better just by changing your eating habits.

If you are ready to get started with your customized eating plan, call us today.

Customized packages can be created combining nutrition consultations with other services that Greystones Health offers. Please inquire for further details.

Kitchen Pantry Makeover

I’ll take a sneak peek inside your fridge, freezer, cupboards and pantry.

I’ll come to your home, discuss what kinds of foods you like to buy and show you how to choose the best ingredients for nutritious and delicious meals. At the end of our session, you’ll know how to stock your pantry with everything you need to maintain a balanced diet.

I will also give you tips on how to properly store different food items and how to choose the most appropriate cooking method. I’ll arm you with nutritious meal suggestions for your next trip to the grocery store.

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