Stress is a natural part of life – there's no escaping it, so we might as well learn how to use it to our advantage. That's right, there is a way to use stress to your advantage for better performance and productivity so you can achieve a work/life balance that you desire. While it's important to learn how to stress well, it's also equally important to learn how to rest well. This comprehensive package will teach you how to do both and is offered in 5 sessions:

• Initial consultation: In-depth medical assessment that looks at your biological health and the impact of stress.
• Stress Well Part 1: Learning the fundamentals of the Stress Well technique followed by relaxation therapy (acupuncture, cupping or Bowen therapy). In this session we tailor the plan to fit your life.
• Stress Well Part 2: Continue learning Stress Well techniques, problem solving any concerns that may have arisen, and address physical health concerns that can be a stressor on your body.
• Rest Well Part 1: Start the fundamentals of the Rest Well plan, learn techniques to optimize rest and recharge your body, and ensure health fundamentals are in place.
• Rest Well Part 2: Assess progress to ensure success with Rest Well part of the plan, and talk about how to maintain the Stress Well, Rest Well™ Plan.
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This package is covered by most health benefit plans.

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